Posted on: January 3, 2010 11:56 am

Be a man!

Look around you for just a sec, see how things have changed. If you go back just a few years, you would see that the majority of people stood on their own two feet, took personal responsability, and understood rules and discipline were a way of life and that when you subjected yourself to the rules and discipline, it made you a better person.

Now so many refuse to abide by these standards. Take James for example, this is a young man who has ridden his fathers coat tails for his entire life. Maybe he could have been a pro player or a college standout, but instead of working hard, it is a known fact he did everything in his power to avoid hard work, the drills, the workouts, etc required by the team. Now with the whole episode we are all aware of, he stretches the truth about how he was housed and the fact that he allowed whatever really happened, to happen. At the end of the day, this whole issue will not cost Leach, but it will cost the school and James himself.

We can see this type of behavior all around us. The gun incident in basketball, the death and lifestyle of Henry, the actions of Tiger Woods, etc. But before anyone says I am focusing on these pro players only, let me move to the ordinary person.

When, in a million years, did any real American believe that so many in our country would accept total and absolute government control. When did people in this country become OK with others paying their way. Ideals such as government run healthcare, gun control, bailouts, excessive spending, etc. When did the average citizen become OK with not having to earn their own way in life and suceed or fail due to their own decisions? And we wonder why so many of those in the public eye act with such a disdain for rules and hard work.

Self worth is defined as a person who recognizes that they are the ones themselves who will make their own way in life, live within the boundaries set as a society, and not accept handouts from others. My self worth tells me that if I live by the rules, continue to work hard in life, set goals and achieve them, at the end of the day, my life will have mattered. There will always be things I can not afford, there will always be people who have more than me, there will always be people above me in the rank and file, but I also realize I am only owed what I have earned, not what Obama or the government claim they want to give me.

Self worth has been on the decline in this country for some time now, but it can change. It can change when we stop making excuses for those who break the law, stop siding with those who have the best pity story, stop voting in those who want to make the government our nursemaid. We as a people can get back to requiring everyone to stand on their own two feet, stop buying into any hype that is sent our way, stop allowing those with a household name to get away with things the rest of society can not get away with!

Pride and self worth are the only things that are really free in this society and they can nto be bought with money or be given to you by the government no matter how much you think they can be!
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